• Vocollect

    RokAjaxSearch is a configurable search module that uses AJAX to load results in real time via a styled, paged popup. It can be set to local or Google search, inclusive of Web, image, video and blog. Read More
  • Jetlun

    K2 is the popular content control kit extension from JoomlaWorks, which basically expands Joomla's built-in content facility. The template has styled support for K2, including a responsive layout. Read More
  • SCV

    RokBooster improves site speed.Site speed is paramount, and RokBooster is how we quickly and effectively improve this. It compresses and consolidates CSS, Javascript, Font and Image files, reducing HTTP request and overall file size. Read More
  • CN51

    Terminal multiplataforma con una gran pantalla de tipo "multi-touch" de alta resistencia, un procesador multi-engine de dos núcleos de 1.5 GHz Read More
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